Understanding music in its various facets finding a new dimension within the music is a never ending story. In order to bring music to life from the printed notes to the poetry one hears one needs a strong sense of structural impulse.


To take a piece apart and to lend to each individual sound its own property
and aspect within the context of what has and what will happen in the music is a very rewarding process.


One becomes aware of the structure of the music not in an academic way but more in the sense of perceiving a vibrant organism. Ideally it can lead to a recreation of the piece in question.

It is a wonderful game being an observer, making oneself conscious of all that one can find within a piece-the colors, the harmonies the inner tension between the various themes, the drama, letting the music finally speak for itself.


All this brings Pirandellos Six Characters in Search of an author to mind. One can apply to music how the various characters define their conflict, seek really to understand them at the same time seeking an interpreter. One needs as it were to do nothing more than let the music show its own face. The melodically ascending fourths at the beginning of the Berg Sonata predefine in a concentrated way the whole identity of the piece-one only needs to listen carefully.

When the pianist is involved deeply in this process he has no sense of any apparent loneliness. Indeed a unique space develops around the pianist and the music. Living with a piece is a thrilling process and each time a journey within oneself where one discovers more and more about oneself and the music.



After this multilayered study where emotion, intellect knowledge and time all have a major part to play, comes the special moment where one shares the music with the public. It is a unique event, a dialogue between the artist and the listener forged in profound concentration.